Lighting up the light of talents

Lighting up the light of talents

  • May 29,2020.

How to make the new enterprise show its strength under the bright appearance, where is its foundation and highlight? In the face of the primary problem of enterprise development at the beginning of establishment, Ma'anshan Jingwei new energy transmission equipment Co., Ltd. is using ideas and actions to write answers, which ignites the light of talents illuminating the road of green dream.

Set up a big flag

Jingwei new energy transmission equipment Co., Ltd., as a key investment attraction project of Dangtu County, is an independent and highly specialized new energy enterprise invested by Jingwei Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. and mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of slewing drive device and control system, slewing reducer and its parts for photovoltaic photothermal power generation. In order to demonstrate the technical strength and gather the cooperation resources, Yang Shihong, the general manager in charge of the company, has set his initial mind at the beginning of the company's establishment. We should take the technical talents as the foundation and core, and forge a strong competitive advantage of the combination of excellent talents, first-class technology and high-quality products. For this reason, he often admonishes all technical personnel that "enterprises should develop, innovation is the guide, and talents are the key", so as to guide and encourage technical personnel to strengthen learning and improve professional quality. In the company's development program, he solemnly proposes to introduce high-level talents, strengthen personnel training, strive to strengthen scientific research strength, and constantly push product manufacturing and technological innovation to a higher level The decision-making long-term planning has established the ideological banner of "talents first and talents first".

Build a team

"If a strong hand can win a thousand miles, we must strive to build a team of excellent talents who can fight and win.". Under the guidance of high station decision-making, Jingwei new energy Co., Ltd. introduces, cultivates and cultivates talents through multiple channels. One is to attract outstanding talents. It is planned to introduce dozens of excellent graduates with bachelor's degree or above from colleges and universities and technical talents with rich working experience in the industry to fill technical posts, and strive to inject strong fresh blood into enterprise research and development. At present, we have hired a top talent in the industry as the vice president of technology for many years, presided over product research and development, project design and technical training, received two postgraduates to assist in scientific research, and also hired a university undergraduate with professional experience to engage in material processing research; second, we have cultivated the backbone. Under the overall arrangement of a set of teams of the two companies, Jingwei new energy company transferred some technicians with strong professional skills from the slewing ring company to join in the field of new energy technology, and gave them new professional knowledge, hoping that through professional mutual learning and effective integration, they will have fuller wings, and gradually become an independent and reliable mainstay; third, strengthen the implementation War training. Actively dispatch technical personnel to work in the construction site of new energy project and solve technical problems together with partners. So far, many technicians have left footprints in nearly 40 construction sites, with a maximum time of one month. They not only assisted in the smooth progress of the construction project, but also honed their will and increased their talents in the actual combat.

Build one party platform

"We must create excellent working and living conditions for scientific and technological personnel", which is one of the basic requirements of general manager Yang Shihong for the company's talent work, and also a vivid expression of the all-round implementation of talent project by Jingwei new energy company. In order to enable the technicians to carry out their work smoothly, efficiently and wholeheartedly, the company has prepared a spacious and bright office space for them, spent a lot of money to equip each person with excellent and efficient office equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, network printers, etc., and also invested to provide free and well-equipped apartment style Suites for the technicians from home and abroad, so that they can live in a spacious and comfortable place At the same time, it is convenient for family to visit and reunite. In addition, the company also stipulated the "three excellent principles" of priority allocation of scientific research funds, priority allocation of incentive funds and priority guarantee of business trip buses, and established the priority position of technical personnel from the system. Of course, it is more important to build a scientific research platform for technicians to display their talents. For this reason, the company plans to set up a new specialized scientific research platform when the conditions are mature on the basis of organizing technicians to share multiple platform resources such as the provincial worm drive engineering technology research center owned by the slewing ring company, so as to meet the needs of scientific research and technological enterprises to a greater extent.

"The strong wind is good for sailing, and breaking the waves is just the right time.". Under the guidance of Jingwei new energy company's talents, all technical personnel are shouldering the common expectations and striving to build a first-class new energy enterprise with strong specialty, new technology, excellent quality, good reputation and beautiful environment. "The company attaches great importance to us, and we have no reason to be slack. We should use our excellent skills and confidence to overcome all the technical obstacles on the way forward, so as to contribute to the development of the enterprise." this is the common aspiration of all the technical personnel, and also the strength and power of Jingwei new energy company to realize the green dream.

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