Jingwei Company held a grand annual summary and commendation Conference

Jingwei Company held a grand annual summary and commendation Conference

  • May 29,2020.

On the afternoon of January 19, when the hall 8 of the Centennial Hotel in Tu Xi was ablaze with bright lights and flowers, joy was flying. On the big screens on both sides of the stage, the slogan of "Ma'anshan Jingwei Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. annual summary and commendation conference" was brilliant, like opening arms to welcome the arrival of Jingwei family. Under the stage, 17 winners with big red flowers on their chests were the most In front of the round table in the front row, they were all smiling and proud; nearly 300 employees sat in the center and both sides of the hall, exchanging greetings and feeling. At 3:18, with the passionate debut of the opening video, the 2019 summary and commendation conference of Jingwei Company kicked off in a happy and warm atmosphere.

At first, Wang Shujun, executive deputy general manager, read out the commendation decision on behalf of the company. Then, in applause and loud music sound, the individuals and team members who won the first "Production Leader Award", "quality model award", "loyal dedication Award", "saving Pioneer Award", "special contribution award", "surprise courage Award" and "new person growth Award" and "team harmony Award" in 2019 took a joyful step and successively stepped onto the stage center and large screen The curtain also flashed their burning demeanor and post deeds, at the same time, the host's speech of the award speech also rang throughout the audience. In the eyes of people's attention and admiration, the winners happily received the red honor certificate and bonus from the company's leaders, and took a group photo. Liu Hailiang, the winner of "output leading Award" and Chu Juan, the winner of "loyalty and dedication Award", also made speeches on behalf of the winners. They narrated their own struggle course with their own experience, expressed their constant feelings for the enterprise, deeply touched every employee present, and won the warm applause of the whole audience.

After the award ceremony, general manager Yang Shihong made a summary report with the theme of "improving quality, reducing cost and winning the future". Before the report, he first extended warm congratulations to the winners, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the employees and their families of the company, and also expressed sincere thanks to all the staff of the drive department who have been fighting for tens of hours day and night in the recent production of rotary drive products and completed the delivery task on time.

In summing up the main work and achievements in 2019, Mr. Yang pointed out that in 2019, Jingwei Company experienced many severe tests, such as the decline of market demand, poor capital turnover, increased management pressure and Sino US trade friction. However, through the efforts of all staff, it achieved good results. First, it completed sales revenue of 150 million yuan, an increase of 25% over the same period of last year, and achieved an increase of over 100 million yuan for the second year in a row The second is that the annual output of slewing ring increases by 19.5% year on year on the basis of new production lines, reaching over 70000 sets in fact; the third is that the market situation expands, and four foreign trade customers, including Spain and the United Kingdom, are newly attracted to join the cooperation group, while the cooperation level is improved, realizing the supply of products and the sales revenue of two industry giants, Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion Heavy Industry“ The breakthrough of "zero" has achieved remarkable results. Fourthly, the company has invested in the establishment of a large-scale and specialized Jingwei new energy transmission equipment Co., Ltd., which will increase the annual output of rotary drive to at least 100000 units after the completion of the project, nearly 150% higher than the original one, and completely end the history of weak production capacity. Fifthly, important progress has been made in the introduction of technical post talents, and some new high-quality talents will be engaged in rotary drive Process design and other fields play a pillar role; sixthly, the introduction and sharing of ERP management platform provide a prerequisite for better realization of internal and external communication.

Later, Mr. Yang also made in-depth analysis and put forward improvement requirements for the main problems of the company in 2019.

2020 is the 13th year of Jingwei Company since its establishment. Focusing on the two new year goals of "to better walk out of a development path in line with its own conditions in the new year; to achieve sales revenue of 300 million yuan", Mr. Yang pointed out that the longer the enterprise develops, the more fierce the competition, and the heavier the task. All employees must have a clear understanding and full ideological preparation for this. Meanwhile, production and operation should be closely related to the actual situation and reasons Enterprises should adopt flexible measures and strive to build an effective enterprise that conforms to the development law of small and medium-sized enterprises and the desire of employees to increase income. He stressed that in order to achieve the business objectives, the company must make every effort to do the following work: first, the sales should stabilize resources and expand channels; second, the production should be stable and stable, with excellent contributions; third, the technology should be in-depth follow-up and precise guidance; fourth, the Department should be based on the root and work in the same direction.

In addition, President Yang also mentioned in the report that in order to better serve the domestic first-line brand main engine manufacturers, the company plans to invest about 15 million yuan in 2020, and build two new slewing bearing production lines, which are planned to be fully completed and put into operation in May, with the output reaching 1000 sets per month.

Finally, Mr. Yang hopes that all employees will continue to carry forward the spirit of love and dedication to work, keep the work style of fearless, brave and hard-working, strive to achieve the business objectives in an all-round way, and wish you a happy new year, good health and happy family.

At the end of the conference, all staff of Jingwei Company also held a lucky draw and a happy dinner.

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