To be the pride of the industry and show Jingwei's strong style -- Jingwei Company becomes the certified supplier of Sany group

To be the pride of the industry and show Jingwei's strong style -- Jingwei Company becomes the certified supplier of Sany group

  • May 29,2020.

On the eve of the May 1st movement, good news spread frequently. After Jingwei Company won the highest monthly production record of slewing ring in March, another great good news came. In the world-famous "Sany" group supplier certification selection, Jingwei Company's strength is prominent, and it has become a certification supplier. This is another breakthrough three months after Jingwei Company obtained Sany group's "Sany Heavy Machinery" certification supplier in January this year. "To be the pride of the industry, to show the majestic wind of Jingwei" -- the flowers of Jingwei glory full of full bloom are gorgeous.

Glory comes from the efforts of all employees

Jingwei employees have never stopped striving. As the scope of cooperation becomes wider and wider, the pace of such cooperation will be greater and faster. Because Jingwei people know that opportunities are not easy to come by. Only by doing their best can they meet the needs of new and old customers. Under the encouragement and leadership of leaders at all levels of the company, all employees have extraordinary perseverance and energy to work hard day and night. During the work, we talked about the most about the production and the most about the delivery. Even in the most difficult period of the new crown epidemic, we are eager to return to work as soon as possible to meet the needs of customers. After returning to work, all the staff, while strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic situation, made full use of their efforts to release their maximum potential to resume production, so that the resumption of production quickly turned into resumption of production. The monthly production of slewing ring also reached a record high of 6551 sets at one fell swoop. At the same time, it also showed that "Jingwei people" had courage to overcome the difficulties in the face of difficulties, unity and remarkable achievements.

Glory comes from positive quality

Every order is a test of quality, and every detail reflects the producer's attitude towards quality. In the pursuit of "quality first", Jingwei Company, from the general manager to the grass-roots managers to the front-line production personnel, everyone is in step and never slack. In front of the iron law, Jingwei Company, on the one hand, is self pressuring, strictly starting from the quality management system, constantly improving the processing and inspection process according to the rules, and strengthening the detail control; on the other hand, starting from the optimization of the configuration, through the hardware upgrading and transformation, strive to improve the accuracy level of product manufacturing; in addition, the company also takes the customer as the top priority and is open-minded Listen to the customer's opinions, take seriously the customer's feedback, summarize the experience and lessons in a timely manner, and strive to prevent the situation from getting worse. At the same time, actively learn the advanced quality management experience of the same industry by taking advantage of others, and use the advantages of people to make up for their own shortcomings, so that "Jingwei quality" is gradually becoming the rock and link for enterprises to connect the market.

Glory comes from the trust of our customers

Over the years, Jingwei Company has always regarded "satisfying customers and winning customers' trust" as the terminal guide of production and operation work and the basis of enterprise survival. While striving to guarantee quality and supply and timely carry out after-sales service, Jingwei Company also adheres to mutual benefit and win-win situation, creates a community of interests in good faith, so that customers can not only share the immediate benefits, but also see the long-term benefits. Not only that, Jingwei Company also through the year by year increase of advanced equipment, continue to expand excellent production capacity, with breakthroughs, catch-up and other real and efficient performance, so that the majority of customers fully feel the cooperation is dependent, cooperation is confident, cooperation has a future. What's more, in March this year, when the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic and the shortage of self-protection products, Jingwei Company has offered to help many times, squeezing out some medical masks to support overseas customers free of charge, so that the "Jingwei temperature" can be warmly released in foreign countries.

Jingwei Company wholeheartedly considers for customers and provides high-quality services. It has won the trust and praise of customers, including leading enterprises in the industry. New and old cooperation emerges in an endless stream. Especially from the outbreak of the new crown epidemic to now, in the plight of many enterprises' orders being cancelled, Jingwei Company's cooperation at home and abroad is on the rise against the trend, orders only increase but not decrease, which has become a good story. At present, Sany group has incorporated Jingwei Company into the certification supplier after the cooperation of "big test", and has put on a more dazzling aura for Jingwei Company.

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